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Every picture tells a story, don’t it?

In 1975 with one small bag of cameras an insatiable desire to tell stories, we started what is today known as Grownman Brand. In the beginning we served the advertising industry producing images for print advertising that presented our clients as the hero of their own story.

We quickly earned a strong a reputation as go-to idea people working side by side with our clients to develop ideas for comprehensive advertising campaigns. Over the years we’ve added film production, design, copy writing, brand development, strategic planning and digital marketing to our skill set. We’ve also added some very talented people along the way.

Our clients have called us an advertising agency, branding consultants and marketing guys but we like to consider ourselves people who think up great ideas and tell memorable stories with a passionate focus on the customer’s experience.

We are constantly learning and evolving with the world around us. Though we may have changed a lot along the way,  we’ve never lost that common thread woven through time: our passion for ideas and storytelling.

Still and Moving

Pop the Director

Life Printed Daily

The Grownman Workshop

Grownman Brand is headquartered in an historic Tampa building that began its life as a corner grocery. Over the years, it has evolved and been many things. Pieces of  its former functionality have been preserved and blended to create the eclectic atmosphere it offers today. It has always been a part of and a reflection of the community that surrounds it.

Grownman Brand Studio

Gordon Myhre

Gordon Myhre

Gordon Myhre is a storyteller, conversationalist and craftsman. Through a variety of media, he encourages dialogue and weaves allegories that are comfortably simple, deceptively complex and always engaging. He expresses his art through captured imagery, moving pictures; written, spoken and recorded word as well as through wood, metal and occasionally a fly rod. He is fluent in technology, a perpetual student of culture, and a follower of the Tao. Gordon comes from Staten Island, NY, but has made his home in Florida for over 30 years. He rides a bicycle over 100 miles each week, lives close to the ground and returns to the woods several times a year to maintain equilibrium.

Fred Smith

Writer. Filmmaker. Drummer. Idea tinker. Story wrangler.

“On a commercial shoot for a theme park some years ago, I rode a looping roller coaster eleven times in a row with a camera expertly rigged to my chest by grips who were pros when I was in grade school. I puked shortly after and had a headache for two days. We can laugh about it now, since we got the shot  and the client loved the spot.”

Matt Wiggins

Animator. Editor. Dog whisperer. Salad genius. Illustrator. Photographer. Web tinkerer. Special FX whiz. Truck driver. Biker. Brewmaster.  Barroom philosopher. Music junkie. Lover. Wiggins.

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