Customer eXperience [CX] is everything.

We didn’t always think this way. Like so many seasoned professionals in marketing, we once believed in the conventional wisdom that a company’s brand was surmised by a logo or a color. Branding was synonymous with advertising. Advertising, therefore, was the means through which a company both introduced and managed its brand. Through experience, however, we’ve come to understand that this way of thinking is fundamentally old-fashioned and no longer true.

For today’s marketer, customer experience branding [CX] is everything. The ability to maintain a careful [CX] focus and to skillfully align your marketing efforts with your customers’ experience is paramount for your company to realize success in today’s competitive marketing world.

The [CX] Lens

At Grownman Brand we help build your company’s [CX], by looking through the customer’s lens.

We start by understanding what your customer sees and experiences. Then we learn to understand what she expects and examine how she reacts to new ideas. Finally we, explore ways to improve the way she interacts with your company from the moment she enters your digital space through and beyond the instant she realizes she loves you.

Desire, Perception and the Importance of Why?

At Grownman Brand we believe that in order for any company to succeed, the desire of the company must align with the perceptions of their customers. The importance of understanding “Why?” lies in the truth that customers form an emotional bond with companies whose values and principles are in line with their own. Customers are ultimately drawn to you not because of what you do, but why you do it.

Our customer experience branding process begins with Grownman Brand attaining a thorough understanding of why your company wants what it wants and does what it does. We then learn why your customers have the perceptions they do so that we can then help you determine what you need to do to shift both your desires and your customers‘ perceptions so they align.