Data Driven Marketing, Grownman Style

Everyone is a marketer.

How do you pick one?

Marketing is about creating relationships, it’s basically like a dating service for business. Today there are hundreds of channels through which you can tell your story, so how do you pick the channels that will help you find the customer that’s right for you? In turn, how do customers find the company that’s right for them?
We start by digging into the right data to help you identify the best market segments for growth. After we do our homework and planning, we work diligently to find the ideal combination of traditional, agile and real time marketing efforts that will help you find new customers and keep them. What makes us different is that everything we create for you is custom built with a focus on customer experience. Customer experience is the life blood of sustainable growth and cannot be separated from your marketing efforts. Marketing that isn’t CX focused is just marketing.

We do CX focused marketing. Check out the way we wield some of the tools of our marketing toolbox below.

Research and Strategy

We love homework. Digging into industry research, your data and surveying your customers is at the heart of our CX focused marketing system. The customer tells us what she values most, weather or not she would recommend you to others and where you need to improve. We mix this customer insight with a healthy dose of where you desire to go as an organization. We then blend in a strategy to reach new customers in the spaces where they live to create a plan that you can trust.


Content is king. What the heck does that mean? Bad or lukewarm content is not interesting because it’s irrelevant to your customers. Good content is compelling because it helps you find new customers and keep the ones you’ve got. Good content is relevant content. Good content is sustainable. You should never have to ask yourself what goes here? The art of inbound marketing is to identify the relevancy sweet spot and always ask your customers for permission in a way that makes them feel great about saying yes. That’s what we help you do.


Identifying the proper target audience is the key to successful outbound marketing. People are irritated with invasive advertising when it’s not relevant, yet delighted when it is. A well crafted TV spot can help to foster an emotional bond with the viewer. A direct mail piece or billboard and can serve as an integral piece of your digital marketing system. The key lies in knowing how a given effort in one media works in harmony with the other components of a marketing system. We’ve been doing this kind of marketing for over thirty years and, just like you, we’ve made a lot of mistakes. We’ve also a learned a lot about what works.


Social media can generate sales leads as well as help you nurture a long term relationship with the customers you’ve already got. When used as an integral part of a holistic CX focused marketing system it can be a very powerful tool. We like to call it realtime marketing because it can deployed at a moment’s notice and bring you immediate rewards. It’s simply another marketing channel in which to tell your story. The art of realtime marketing lies in knowing how an when to use it. We use it to make good conversation (and gather data for sales leads.)


How can a party be marketing? It’s marketing when the experience you provide is strategically designed to be relevant to the customers and prospects who experience it. They are surprised and delighted as the image you’re trying to project is indelibly etched in their consciousness. This is the arguably one of the most personal ways in which to tell your story. It’s the original marketing channel and after more then a century of the emergence of new marketing channels it’s still one of the most powerful ways to make new friends and keep the ones you’ve got.

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